My name is Tammar Bar and I am an inspector in the Ministry of Education and Culture in Israel in the early childhood division
As part of my job, I have developed number of new unique programs in a variety of subjects, based on the emotional intelligence to strengthen the bond between the child, the family and the school. The programs deal with topics relevant to the child’s life: Zionism, violence, fears & secrets, friendships, animals, holidays and love.
Each program contains detailed instructions for songs, movement, games, crafts and games. A disk with rhythmic music accompanies each program
These programs suit children in kindergartens and students in primary school. They can be arranged during the morning or the afternoon.
Hereby, I would like to offer my services for training early childhood professionals in the following :

  • Children's books and matching programs
  • Arranging workshops for parents, children and educators
  • Presenting the programs to teachers , educators and Kindergarten teachers.

Samples of the above programs are attached.
“Shai Lee” is proud to present a variety of programs.
New and unique programs based on emotional intelligence designed as a year long curriculum to strengthen the bond among educators, children and parents.
The programs are accompanied by new song and stories, movement, rhythm, exploration, games, crafts, and detailed instructions.
The programs are in the following issues:
LOVE HOUR – a special program about love, connection and relationship between children and parents.
HUMI'S SECRET – the theme of this program is to encourage children to tell difficult and bothering secrets which sometimes involve violence against them.
NEVER ANGERY- a program about friendship, loyalty and the prevention of violence.
WHISPERING NOISE- this program deals with the noise phenomena in our surroundings in an experiential way.
A LITTLE DROP OF WATER- an original and experiential activity for children which operates all the senses in order to increase water saving awareness.
SURROUNDINGS OF LOVE – a program of environmental education for keeping our surroundings clean and for us to stay healthy.
FROM DREAM TO REALITY- the story of the establishment of the state of Israel in a unique and exclusive way.
ACTIVE HANDS IN HOLIDAYS AND SEASONS- Using hands to experience the holidays and seasons interactively.
STAMP GOES ON A TRIP- Learning about the postal system in an experiential values based process.
WHY A HAT? – Identification with different individuals based on the hat they wear.
KISSES- An experiential learning of love.
THE “HAGADAH” OF INDEPENDENCE- Learning about the Israeli Independence Day.
Please contact me ASAP for further details.

Regards, Tammar Bar


The program opens a window to a wide variety of creative activities which provide experiences, learning opportunities and research along the months and the holidays.

The program " Active Hands On Holidays and Seasons" provides an opportunity to profound learning of the topic "hands" as an axis on which both holidays and seasons are combined with the continuous topics and contents of the yearly plan.

It is recommended to utilize this program for focused topics as well, such as: friendship, violence, family, seasons, My body and I, creation and experience.
It is important to read carefully all the topics and ideas suggested in the booklet well before building the topic in class, since the suggested activities are spiral, thus possible to be held on every holiday and commemorative date, not necessarily in the months in which they are suggested.

Every idea and every topic in the program leads to numerous activities and experiences depending on the children's age, the nature of the group and the schedule given to learning.
In addition, in the program "Active Hands On Holidays and Seasons" :

  • We'll learn hand movements that are symbolic and transmit messages of connection: Hello, come, go, no, just a minute, quiet, love…
  • We'll know that the more we work with our hands the greater the skill that develops , the muscles get stronger , and the activity becomes simpler since the brain receives many messages.
  • We'll experience hand movements which become a metaphor , through which we explain ourselves in a non verbal way.
  • We'll learn that from the hand movements a visual iconographic language develops as an enrichment of the verbal language.
  • We'll learn hand games which are usually cooperative games , in contrast to competitive ones.

The Goals of the Program


  • We'll distinguish between various hands: size, complexion, thickness, lines, curves…
  • We'll identify hand parts: palm, back of the hand, fingers, fingernails.


  • We'll experience various materials and textures for creating and playing with our hands.
  • We'll recognize acceptable signs by hands.
  • We'll learn to express our feelings with the hands: caressing, hugging, affection.


  • We'll experience touch among friends and family with our hands.
  • We'll use our hands for creative works: tearing, gluing, fusing
  • We'll practice sport activities with our hands : catching, throwing, pulling…
  • We'll use our hands to produce sounds with the help of our body parts and with various tools and objects.
  • We'll cooperate with friends with the help of our hands.
  • We'll practice hand games to improve the coordination and spatial perception.


  • We'll enrich our language with new vocabulary.
  • We'll learn proverbs and sayings dealing with the hands.
  • We'll name the fingers.
  • We'll recognize and experience various activities done with the hands.